Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Finds on the Farm

We've been busy this spring, and particularly the last couple weeks.  Here are some new things you will find on the farm...

A new group of piglets arrived in early May
 Guinea keets arrived four days ago

Katza, a friend's mare that is hanging out with us.  Oliver, my 20-year old bachelor gelding, doesn't quite know what to make of this new pasture-mate. 
 Shameless plug for the Farmers' Market.  It's a new sign!  Wednesdays, 3-6p.m! or like us on Facebook.

Our new roof that was put on last week! I'm truly excited about the flashing around the dormer and the chimney.  Really...
A new basic-model lawnmower we bought earlier in the spring.  Yes, we do not own a ride-on mower even though we live on a farm.  It's even self-propelled (yes, this is a treat for me). 
 Oh look, a new toilet was put in last month!  My mother will be particularly pleased since there is now a toilet upstairs that flushes! 

You can't see it really well, but there is actually baseboard and ceiling trim in the kitchen.  Plus, the color is a flat, very pale blue and not shiny-shiny white (which I couldn't stand).  My darling husband worked his tail off doing this kitchen make-over and it looks fabulous! While it will always be a country kitchen, the trim adds such definition to the room.